And no mention of minimum numbers, as could be a few months ago, talking about a "30% more trades in 2016, compared to previous years."


And no mention of minimum numbers, as could be a few months ago, talking about a "30% more trades in 2015-16, compared to previous years." But the Revenue Agency data are also to demonstrate that the brick has started to dance. In 2014 the total trade in the province of Lucca were 2,672; The following year we went up to 2,812. It must be said that the province is not the Versilia, and that there are areas - like the Plain of Lucca and the Garfagnana - where prices have plummeted so to be traced inevitably the number of concluded deals. But it is also true that the Versilia is the most important segment of the real estate business. And so it is inevitable to think that, of that increase of 5% overall, a good drive arrivals from the coast, where the building has long been the leading sector of the local economy, like tourism. From what has gone this restart, if we do not call her rebirth? The basic fuel is the lowering of prices. Striking when compared to the pre-crisis. "Compared to 2008, ie at the time of maximum figures, we are at a minus 20-30% on the price lists. Obviously it's an average: everything always depends on what "object" it is. " Today the fall in prices continues, but is slower: Roberto Alice now talking about small percentages, with the prospect - he explains - "leveling off between the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017". However, the turnover meanwhile, has increased, especially in June, when you have just paid the half-year mortgage, to which is added the IMU for those with a second home. It is this need to sell the property drives the owner to be more flexible. There is more room for negotiation. " A flexibility that sends down a studio apartment in Lido, near the sea, less than 100,000 Euros. And a small apartment in a good area of ​​Viareggio - center or pine forest - to a range between 150,000 and 170,000 Euros. The important thing is that you do not go too far from the sea, especially when the buyer comes from Prato and Florence. While in Marina di Pietrasanta, the customers have different backgrounds - Lombardy and Emilia - and needs, as well as wallets, different. "The same object in Marina coast 40-50,000 euro more than in Viareggio." To go well is also Pietrasanta center, now the capital of the elite tourism together with Forte. "What makes the difference is the payment: the famous" few, cursed and immediately "has a lot of grip on the owner who has more quickly. It is this that gives the decisive accelerated. "